Colle System

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Colle System from the perspective of white pieces

The Colle System, also known as the Colle–Koltanowski system, is a chess opening strategy for White introduced by Belgian Edgard Colle in the 1920s, and further developed by George Koltanowski. This variation of the Queen’s Pawn Game is characterised by a systematic if modest development of White’s minor pieces to support a quick pawn move to the e4 square. It is solid, but inflexible.

Colle and Koltanowski each won many tournaments in the 1920s and 1930s. Colle finished ahead of Tartakower, Euwe and Rubinstein at various times. The opening had even been referred to as the “dreaded” Colle System. George Koltanowski, in his book, “The Colle System” said it offered “solid development”, combinations, a decent endgame, and it gives White “good chances of not losing against a stronger player”. However, players like Capablanca and Tal found ways to take the sting out of some of its various lines.

1. d4, d5, 2. Nf3, e6, 3. E3, Nf6, 4. Bd3, c5, 5. B3;

1. d4, d5, 2. Nf3, e6, 3. E3, d5, 4. Bd3, c5, 5. C3;


Win the game with rare opening

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