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Nimzowitsch Opening


What is included? - 60 minutes of video material; - PGN Chess Base files format with the commented game; The Nimzowitsch Opening is a somewhat unusual chess opening characterized by the moves: 1.e4 Nc6; This opening is an example of a hypermodern opening in which Black invites White to occupy the centre of the board at an early stage with pawns. Black's intent is to block or otherwise restrain White's central pawns and, if allowed to do so by inaccurate play by White, eventually undermine the White pawn centre by well-timed pawn advances of his own or by attacking the White pieces defending the centre Nimzowitsch is included under code B00 in the Encyclopedia of Chess Openings. - 1.e4, Nc6, 2.Nf3, d6, 3.D4, Nf6, 4.Nc3, Bg4; 4... g6. - 1.e4, Nc6, 2.D4, e5;





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