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Bishop Opening


What is included? - 60 minutes of video material; - PGN Chess Base files format with the commented game; Bishop Opening - Opening from the perspective of white pieces The Bishop's Opening is a chess opening that begins with the moves: 1.4 e5, 2.Bc4; White attacks Black's f7-square and prevents Black from advancing his d-pawn to d5. By ignoring the beginner's maxim "develop knights before bishops", White leaves his f-pawn unblocked, preserving the possibility of f2-f4. The f2-f4 push gives the Bishop's Opening an affinity with the King's Gambit and the Vienna Game, two openings that share this characteristic. The Bishop's Opening can transpose into either of these openings and in particular a favourable variation of the King's Gambit, but with care, Black can circumvent this. Transpositions into Giuoco Piano and Two Knights Defense and other openings are also possible. The Encyclopedia of Chess Openings assigns Bishop's Opening the codes C23 and C24. - 1.e4, e5, 2.BC4, Nf6, 3.D3, Be7, 4.Nf3, d6, 5.0-0; 3... c6, 4.Nf3, d5, 5.Bb3; - 1.e4, e5, 2.Bc4, Nf6, 3.Nc3, Bc5, 4.D3, h6, 5.F4;





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