Advanced Courses

This course is intended for experienced players from the rating 1800 – 2200.

All students with a rating of around 1700 rating points can also follow chess classes from an advanced course.

Below is a list of chess lessons:

Psychology in chess – Practical examples.

Psychology of Chess Opening – Choice of opening based on the style of chess game – student for whom it is recognizable: Position style, Tactical style, Miks of position and tactical style in a game.

Chess Opening Theory – Open Game:

Spanish game, Marshall attack, Phildor defense, Italian game, Scottish game, Two Knights defense, Four Knight defense, Hungarian defense, French defense, Russian defense, Sicilian defense – Closed variation, Gran Prix Attack, Smith Mora – Matulovic gambit, Wing gambit , Caro Kann, Pirc Defense, Nimcovic Defense, Alekhine Defense, Scandinavian Defense, Evans Gambit, Latvian Gambit, Lithuanian Gambit …

Closed and semi open opening:

English Opening, Retired System, Catalan System, Damin Gambit, Damin Gambit Received, Slavic Defense, Nimcovic’s Indian Defense, Royal Indian Defense, Grinfeld’s Indian, Dutch Defense, Benko-Volga gambit, Ben Oni System, Staroindijski Defense, Bird’s system, Nimcovič – Larsen system …

  • How to prepare for chess variants.
  • Strategy in modern chess openings.
  • The main lines in the opening of the big champions.
  • Analysis of student party training.
  • Modern chess openings.