Vojislav Milanovic IM Trainer FIDE


Playing experience

At the international competitions he has many times reached internacional result. Double Champion of city Belgrade Cup (two times in team). Winner of the Yugoslavian National Team Leaque few time as a team player. With the help of the trainer, the student should first of all find enough satisfaction, new knowledge, the wisdom of chess games. All this improves the technique of the game that is the greatest chess creativity.

Other experiences
High Economy School Diploma. Full time chess coach. More than 25 years of work as a chess coach has created a large number of students around the worldwide! He wrote two books: Spanish Gambit with famous grand master Milan Matulovic, translation from Russian Nottingham 1936, author Aleksandar Aljehin. He is the author of many chess texts in the newspaper, the author of several television shows about chess.


Teaching methodology

The instructional methods are tailored for the individual player’s abilities, but generally include an openings repertoire, middlegame strategies, and endgame technique, as well as psychological preparation. I also offer analysis of player’s personal games and positions. Opening database have more than 8. milions games organized into 2.000 separate files on different openings variations, Video lectures, all in Chess Base and PGN format – order it from me today! Endgames preparation, depends on students’ knowledge or level.

Best skills

Behind all these years, above all, the great work on chess, I can with intensity to help every chess enthusiast, and also to the student who wants to become something more than that. Chess lessons give clear directives in which direction a student should work on chess. Every effort made in chess returns double. There will sometimes be some difficulties and obstacles in the study of chess. With the help of an experienced chess coach, all difficulties become sweet troubles!